This game is offer free of charge and no personal or private data is saved or collected. Anonymous data collected through Google Analytics is only used for the purpose of usage analysis.

This game is offer "as is", without providing any set of rules or framework than the one on this page.

Any rules applied by their participants and any actions derived by them are their own responsibility.

wheelofdares.com administrator is not responsible for any injures, damages or other types of behaviours that may be linked to using this website or playing the game.

We don't promote illegal activities, and players are still bound by the current law of the country in which they are playing.

We ask all players to practice caution and play in a safe manner as to avoid behaviours or actions that may offend, harass or put others and yourself in danger.

Ask other players, prior to start, about any health problems, both physical and mental, that may prevent them from play the game in a manner that is safe.

Dares are always suggestions and we invite players to be creative with them in order to stay within the law (such as making drinks non-alcoholic if you are not allowed to drink alcohol).

Never do or ask someone to do something they are not comfortable with or it is illegal for them to do. Forfeits and meant to by used to allow participants to withdraw from any dare they are not willing to do.